Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Medieval Times

I stayed up past 3:00 AM last night working on this blog, but it was fun. Then, I had difficulty falling asleep, which is rare for me. I got up around 7:30 AM, so needless to say, I didn't put in my eight hours.

I spent the day unpacking from my Georgia trip, catching up on phone business, and organizing for my Wyoming trip. Linda Navicky came by to touch base before I leave. Linda and her daughter, McKenzie, have been my puppy-sitters for years when I travel out of town. Bless them!

Around 5:00 Carla dropped off Bubby (AKA Nathan), and we headed to Kissimmee for the 7:00 performance at Medieval Times. Knowing that the days are numbered until my nephew moves to Jamaica, I am trying to cram in as much uncle/nephew time as possible.

There wasn't much traffic on I-4, but the ticket line was painfully slow. We picked up our reserved tickets and walked into the main hall just as they were calling the yellow
team into the dining and show arena. We made our way to the top section and slid (literally) down the long row to our seats. At first I felt trapped and a bit claustrophobic, but later it became a great excuse to snuggle with Nathan while we watched the show. Knights and wizards, sword fights and horses are right down Nathan's alley. He loved it! The bill of fare was pretty good, too, especially the half roasted chicken. Nathan put a hurting on his baked bird, but he didn't leave the pile of bones like Uncle Howie did. Our Yellow Knight won the tournament in the show, but alas he was cut down by the king's evil brother.

After the show we went to the gift shop, and Nathan picked out a necklace and ring. My nephew is showing an early interest in bling! The king and princess were finishing their photo session as we were paying for Nathan's jewels, so I casually asked him if he wanted to pose for a
picture with them. And he agreed. I was floored! Anyone who knows Nathan knows that he has an aversion to any characters in costume. In case you don't believe me, the proof is right here. -->

The hour-long ride back to Plant City was a great bonding time for us. I asked Bubby several times if he wanted his DVD player or GameBoy, but he said no. And he didn't fall asleep either. We actually talked all the way to DeeDee's house, where I dropped him off so DeeDee and Grandaddy can "make some memories" before he leaves. I got some great sugar before I headed home.

Nathan's name means "Gift of God." He is certainly God's gift to me.