Monday, July 30, 2007

Ode to An Angel

You came for a while, but you couldn't stay
We never imagined it would be that way

We had plans, we had dreams
But they will have to wait, it seems

We felt grief, and loss, and utter devastation
But in that upper room we had a Holy Ghost visitation

We were in a daze, confused, we didn't know what to do
But that was before the Wonderful Counselor came through

The Great Physician signed your medical release
Bringing clarity, victory, and perfect peace

So gently you came, like a breath of fresh air
We cherished our time together, so precious, so rare

You were perfectly formed, the answer to our prayer
We hope you sensed nothing but tender loving care

Tiny fingers, tiny feet
Touches so tender, sugar so sweet

We held you in our hands, and sang a love song
The one that says, Little ones to Jesus belong

You gave us sugar, just like your brother
It was sweet as could be, like no other

Your family and friends kissed your little head
Then we gave you to Mommy, so she could put you to bed

You were ours to hold, only for a while
We will always remember your face with a smile

Your stay was so short, we were tempted to ask why
But all of that vanished when the Comforter stopped by

Your mommy has courage, she gave you her name
Your daddy has strength, he did the same

You have a big brother, named Nathan you see
And you're his little sister, the newest bud on our family tree

Our daughter, our sister, granddaughter, and niece
Our memories won't fade, our love will not cease

The time that we shared didn't last very long
But you are flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone

It's hard to say goodbye, we weep, we cry
But we'll soon be together in the sweet by and by

Though we never got to see you tumble and twirl
We still thank Heaven for our little girl

We love you and miss you, little Angel Ruth Hood
But still we can say, God is great, God is good

How could we give God our baby, yet trust?
Had we forgotten He gave His Baby to us?

He chose not to answer the way that we prayed
But our dreams have not died, they've just been delayed

For a while we're apart, but our hearts will always be
Intricately woven together . . . forever . . . for eternity

—For My Baby Girl, Angel
Love, Uncle Howie
August 1, 2002