Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Eyes Wide Open

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm working on a couple of new blogs. The first blog, Eyes Wide Open, is up and running. The second blog, Clips, Notes & Quotes, is still under development. More about that one when I get it going.

When I started Nathan's Uncle I knew I would eventually discuss books, music, and movies, and I thought I would include those postings here. Last night I decided I wanted a separate forum for that subject matter, so I initiated Eyes Wide Open at WordPress. Eyes Wide Open will focus not only on the arts and media, but also on the issues they raise. Be advised that there will be discussion of controversial subjects, and you may beg to differ with some of the opinions posted by other readers and myself. That is okay. We can learn through the process of agreeing to disagree. I invite you to post your comments to the site, as well.

Today's post on Eyes Wide Open focuses on Sicko, Michael Moore's newest documentary about the healthcare crisis in America. With their permission, I have included an email conversation between my cousins April and Doyle. As you will see, they have a lot to say.