Friday, August 3, 2007

My Nephew, the Model

The week before Nathan went to Jamaica, while I was in Wyoming, my cousin Kendra took Nathan out for a photo shoot with her daughters and Nathan's cousins Kelsey and Emily. She needed some shots of a redhead for her portfolio, and who better for the job than the cutest redhead I know.

Kendra is an amateur photographer who is well on her way to becoming a professional. She has studied photography for many years, and her pictures have continued to improve over time. I have taken some great pictures of Nathan myself, but none compare to the photos from this session. These photos have great composition, clarity, and of course subject matter. What surprised me the most is how well Nathan took direction for the poses. I don't know what Kendra promised him. He usually ducks or turns the other way if he catches me trying to snap a candid shot.

I could see these pictures in a model's portfolio, so I stayed up late one night and designed one on Snapfish. DeeDee and I both ordered copies, and they arrived within a few days. They look so professional. I know you may never get to see the real books, but you can click here and see the next best thing. If there are any modeling agents out there who want to sign Nathan to a multi-million dollar contract, get in touch with me. I'm his agent.

You did a great job, DeeDah (Kendra)!