Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nathan and Family Are Safe

A word of thanks to all the people who are concerned about Todd, Carla, and Nathan being in Jamaica with Hurricane Dean headed right toward them. They are not in Jamaica. They are safe and sound in Plant City. If you read the previous post, you will remember that they came home last weekend for a missions retreat in Texas. They returned to Florida last Friday night. They were scheduled to return to Jamaica on Monday, but of course the airports are shut down. Their return flight has been rescheduled for Wednesday, but Carla doubts the airports will be open even then. I'm not complaining. It has been great to have the Hoods home for a while. We've been eating out a lot, and Nathan and I went to see Underdog yesterday. He has also been enjoying time to play with his cousin Jacob and friend Seth. Carla plans to bring him out to visit me at school one day this week like she used to do two years ago before Nathan started school himself.

Thanks again to everyone who has been concerned for my family's safety. And yes, Rhoda, I am still painting.