Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Day of School for My Little Jamaican

Nathan started first grade Monday at Montego Bay Christian Academy. I talked to him Monday afternoon and he seems happy to be back in the classroom, or at least with children his own age. Of course Nathan has always loved school.

Uncle Howie was concerned at first when he saw the cubicle, but after a chat with Carla, I think it's going to be okay. Carla said they call the cubicles offices, and the children turn their chairs around during instruction. I just didn't want Nathan to be stuck in a box writing in workbooks and raising a flag when he needed help.

I was also concerned about Nathan being prepared for FCAT when Todd and Carla return to Florida on furlough. Nathan will be in third grade. Carla assured me that she will teach him the Sunshine State Standards so he won't be behind. I'm sure Nathan will have many wonderful experiences in a Jamaican school that American kids will miss, and those experiences won't be tested on the almighty FCAT!

Carla and I were reminiscing a bit about our days at Asuncion Christian Academy when we were missionary kids in Paraguay. I hope Nathan grows to love MBCA like we loved ACA.

Check out my nephew in that cute uniform! I wish students at Tomlin wore uniforms.

Do good, Nathan!