Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hinson Family Reunion

The Hinson Siblings

Standing L: Evelyn (My mama)
Back Row L to R: Aunt Doris, Aunt Dorothy, Aunt Peggy
Standing R: Uncle Alton
Front Row L to R: Aunt Mary Lou, Uncle Talmadge, Aunt Sharon (April's mama)

Today we had a small Hinson family reunion at Medard Park on Turkey Creek Road. All of the living Hinson siblings were there as well as several of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The other sibling, Uncle Earl, is in Heaven. The reunion was originally scheduled for 2:00, but they decided to move it up to 11:30 because of the rain forecast.

It was great to see everyone again. I thought I was having a vision when I saw a green minivan pulling into the picnic area. I thought, that looks just like Todd and Carla's van, you know the one I always ran to in the past so I could see Nathan. And as it turned out, it WAS Todd and Carla's van, except now it belongs to my cousins Heather and Timothy Rodriguez, who by the way have three of the cutest babies around.

The food was amazing as always, my Mama's chicken and dumplings most of all. Unfortunately, the rain did come and brought the reunion to an end about the time we finished eating. It was a brief gathering, but we spent a nice time together. A special thank-you to the organizers, especially my first cousin Judy Burkett who publishes and updates the family directory and has kept the Hinson family together through the years.

April & Me

April & Aunt Sharon

The Rodriguez Kids
JerriLynn, Joslyn, Javin