Monday, November 5, 2007

Part 1 - The Jamaica Surprise!

I figured when I came home early from my annual autumn trip to the mountains that I was saving my personal days for something. Although I had some ideas, I wasn't sure exactly what it was for. But by Friday of that same week I found out.

If you read my earlier post then you know that my parents' celebrated their golden anniversary in Jamaica on Saturday. Based on Rhoda's comment to that post about them being with the Hoods, I don't think she knew that I was with them too.

It had been in my mind for several weeks, and Carla and I had discussed the possibility of me flying down to Montego Bay for the golden anniversary weekend. For several reasons, I just didn't see it coming together. Then, last Friday night I thought I would see if there were any tickets still available. I found a flight on Air Jamaica from Orlando to MoBay for a decent price, then called Carla. We made a plan, and I booked it. This past long weekend we pulled off our plan perfectly, and here's how it all came together . . . .

Last Thursday, April drove me to Orlando International (God bless her!). The actual air flight time was only an hour and a half. I didn't check any luggage, so when I arrived I breezed straight through immigration and customs. Todd and Carla had gone by Nathan's school to pick him up from football (soccer) practice. When he asked why they were going to the airport, Todd told him they were going to pick up a "package." He had no idea that Uncle Howie was about to walk out the door. I think I surprised him so much he was speechless, and for a "talkie-mouth" like Nathan, that was a rare event.

When we left Sangster Airport I got my first taste of Jamaican driving, but more about that later. Upon arrival at the Hoods' residence, Nathan went inside and told DeeDee and Granddaddy that they had a surprise. He instructed DeeDee to close her eyes, then I walked into the room. When she opened her eyes, there I was. They had no clue that I was coming and were completely surprised to see me there.

We ate dinner at the Yacht Club that night, and of course the Spiderman 3 DVD I brought Nathan could not wait. I ended the evening with a cup of Mama's café con leche and my nephew sitting on my lap reading to me. What could be better? I'm not jealous of Granddaddy anymore.

NOTE: All pictures in this post are courtesy of Todd & Carla.