Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mama & Daddy's Wheel Covers

A "Before" picture for April and Rhoda.

April said I needed to write a new post, but nothing that eventful has happened lately. I've been busy with my National Boards, and I really have nothing good to say about that ongoing experience. The only thing I have any pictures of are Mama & Daddy's wheel covers. A few weeks ago Mama told me the paint on her wheel covers was flaking off, and when she showed them to me I had to agree that they didn't look that good. I told her Jerry might be willing to spray paint them like he did the panels on my car. Being the nice guy he is, Jerry said sure, so I went by Advance Auto Parts and got a can of wheel cover spray paint. Daddy took the wheel covers off the car, and I carried them to my house. Jerry came over, and we spent a Sunday afternoon sanding and spraying. Well, Jerry did most of the work. I sanded, then he re-sanded my wheel covers because the edges weren't "feathered" smooth enough, and of course he is THE Spraymaster. We delivered the wheel covers later that afternoon, and Daddy put them back on the car the next day. Jerry and I are looking forward to the meal Mama promised.

Jerry acting like Jerry.

Jerry re-sanding my work.

Sanding all done.

My chain-link fence was the perfect wheel cover holder.

Good as new, or should I say the "After" picture.

Note: Check out the orbs in Mama & Daddy's garage.