Sunday, April 27, 2008

Layna's Sweet Sixteen

A few weeks ago, when Carla and Nathan were home, we helped celebrate Layna's (April's daughter) sixteenth birthday. The evening started with appetizers at John and April's house, including crab dip, artichoke dip, salsa cheese dip, and fried cheese. John and April had planned a limo ride to GameWorks in Ybor City for Layna and her friends. The limo was late arriving (of course), so we hung out at the house for a while.

What a great picture of April, John, and Carla!

Nathan loves for us to watch him play his DS.

The limo finally arrived.

April looking like Aunt Sharon.

Of course it rained for the occasion.

Layna got a new phone for her birthday.

Nathan begging to play games.

The ultimate competitor.

The kids had pizza at GameWorks, but we had . . .

. . . at . . .


Back at GameWorks, April and I wait for the bells and whistles to stop.

Hailey and Nathan called it a night on the way home.