Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sunday Dinner

It was a big eating weekend! Layna's birthday Friday, Kelsey's birthday on Saturday, and on Sunday Mama cooked dinner to thank Jerry for painting her wheel covers and to thank John for the many times he has helped them with their car. Jerry made it, but John had to work, so April willingly took his place. The menu included tater-baked chicken, chicken & dumplings, potato salad, Fordhook limas, sweet potato casserole, and Mama's delicious oil & vinegar salad. For dessert Mama tried out Holli's layered chocolate caramel ice cream sandwich recipe.

Thanks, Mama!

Kelsey's 13th Birthday

Layna's sixteenth birthday party was Friday night, and on Saturday we helped Kelsey (Kendra's oldest daughter) celebrate becoming a teenager. Family and friends young and old gathered at Medard Park and enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Sonny's Barbecue.

The candle wouldn't stay lit!


A mountain of gifts.

A truly gracious, grateful, and sweet young lady.

I just liked Carla's expression in this picture.

Daddy & Mama

Hailey & April


The boy loves to play!


Following are some bonus pictures Kendra sent me of Kelsey's special day.

Uncle Roland prays over Kelsey.

My sweaty nephew.

Bailey, Thaddeus, Nathan, Logan, and Jordan