Friday, May 23, 2008

Springtime in the Mountains

I went up to my cabin in Blairsville, Georgia, for a few days during spring break. The mountains were beautiful as always. Because spring break was later this year, I was hoping I would get to see the wild dogwoods on my property in bloom, but they were only beginning to blossom. However, there were many other spring flowers and trees in bloom across the mountains.

Perennial phlox on my bank.

Rosemary in bloom in my back yard.

Rosemary flowers

Wild violets edge my driveway.

Tulips beside my porch.

Naturalized daffodils at the tree line.

My dogwoods just beginning to open.

The back of my property.

Part of the trail at Meeks Park.

Another variety of wild violet at the park.

A macro shot.

Pine needles and cones.