Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Replacing My Attic Ventilator Fan

Some time last year the electrical circuit to my hallway, hall bathroom, and master bedroom closet lights started throwing the breaker. My electrician finally tracked it down to a short in my attic ventilator fan. He disconnected the wire to the fan so it wouldn't throw the switch for the other locations. I didn't get the fan replaced immediately, but there was a noticeable increase in my electric bill every month. A few months later Jerry and I found what we thought would be the right fan to replace it at Home Depot. The price was reasonable, so I bought it.

Several weeks later we climbed up in the attic, or rather Jerry climbed up in the blazing hot attic sauna, to disconnect the thermostat from the rafter. I handed him what I thought was my sturdy hammer to pry it from the rafter. I knew Jerry was a good toolman, but I had no idea he was strong enough to ruin my hammer!

So much for my hammer.

Next we climbed up on the roof to pull out the old fan and install the new one. The fan we had picked out at Home Depot was a perfect fit. And yes, I helped.

Taking out the old fan.

Jerry loves his work.

Prepping the new fan.

Where does this piece go?

Replacing the fan was a fairly easy job. Finding where my electrician disconnected the wire was another story. I ended up having to call my electrician, and he couldn't remember where he made the disconnection. So we had to postpone finishing the job. We finally decided to check the connection behind the attic light socket, and there it was! After Jerry got it wired and set the thermostat, I flipped the switch and the new fan kicked on.

Check out Jerry's cool lighted cap.

Good as new!

I have definitely noticed the house being cooler the last few weeks, but I guess the real proof will be when I get my next TECO bill. Thanks Jerry!