Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sister!

My sister is a woman of many talents and amazing strength. I guess she inherited those gifts from our mother, well . . . except for the athletic ability, that is. Quite frankly, I'm not sure where she got that gift. I was six years old when she was born, and I still remember the day.

We have traveled the western hemisphere together, living on two continents, four countries, and countless houses. We even shared our first passport. (Now that's a picture I'll have to find.) Through thick and thin we have always been close.

I know in all the hoopla on my blog surrounding Nathan, it may seem like my sister doesn't get as much attention, but I will never forget that without her I never would have become Nathan's Uncle.

This is a poem I wrote for Carla on her birthday six years ago. Since I haven't written a new one, and this one has never appeared on the blog, I thought this would be a good time to share it.


She’s a lady
A classic work of art
She’s a singer and a worshiper
Anointed, set apart

She’s an athlete
It all stands to reason
Volleyball, basketball, soccer
Voted MVP every season

She’s a teacher
Imparting what she knows
Science was her craft
The first career she chose

She’s a lover
Of God, her family, and friends
And they love her in return
With a love that never ends

She’s a servant
A caregiver and a nurse
A gifted, broken vessel
Putting others first

She’s a daughter
Roland and Evelyn’s heir
She’s a wife
The answer to Todd’s prayer

She’s a mother
As if she always knew
Diapers, bottles, and lullabies
Her dream at last came true

She’s a giver
Of Nathan, my nephew
Since once was not enough
Soon she’ll be a mother times two

She’s a friend
When others walk away
A confidant who knows me
Yet loves me anyway

She’s my sister
The world’s best indeed
The only one I have
And the only one I need

—For Carla
June 14, 2002

Happy birthday, Carla! You know I love you so . . . .