Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jamaica 2.1: Nathan's Pre-Birthday Party

This was my second trip to Jamaica, and I know I will write at least two posts, hence the title "Jamaica 2.1." This trip happened as unexpectedly as the first. I actually had no plans to go until I found a good ticket price online. Another influential factor was the fact that Mama and Daddy were already there, and I knew how much Mama wanted us all to be together again. Like last time, Carla, Todd, and I were able to surprise our parents and Nathan again.

Thursday evening we celebrated Nathan's birthday because we won't be there on July 18 when he turns seven. Todd grilled pork chops, per Nathan's request, and Mama and Carla rounded out his menu with garlic mashed potatoes, DeeDee's salad, and brownies. Todd also roasted garlic and grilled bacon-wrapped jalapeƱo and cream cheese poppers.

Todd grilling on the balcony.

DeeDee and Carla in the kitchen.
Note: DeeDee matches the curtains, and Carla matches the frig.

Making a wish.

Blowing out the candle.

Nathan was very patient during the meal and brownie sundaes. Finally, he asked about his presents. We started teasing him that there were no presents because it wasn't his real birthday yet. He didn't believe us for a second. In fact, he announced, "I'm gonna go look." He started opening cabinet doors in the kitchen, and it didn't take him long to find the hidden cache. Of all the presents, the Nintendo Wii was his favorite. DeeDee, Granddaddy, Todd, Carla, and I all pitched in on that gift, but it was worth it.

Something Mama would never have let me do.


Granddaddy, Bubby & DeeDee

"Excited" would be an understatement.

Do you think he liked his Wii?

Do you think Uncle Howie liked his sugar?

DeeDee and Bubby Wii bowling.

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