Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Nathan!

Seven years ago today was the happiest day of my life. It was the day I became Nathan's Uncle. I did not know then how this little boy would change and refocus my life, but he has become the center of our family, and DeeDee, Granddaddy, Todd, Carla, and I all revolve around him. He has brought so much joy to our family, and we cherish the day he entered our lives.

This year on special occasions I have been posting poems or other pieces I have written in the past in tribute to members of my family. Today is no different. This is a poem I wrote about Nathan on his first birthday. It describes so many of his behaviors at the time. We miss the baby, and we miss the one-year old, but we really are enjoying our big seven-year old!

Who’s That Boy?

Who’s that boy with the blazing hair,
And a pair of big blue eyes?
That’s our boy, with six new teeth,
And a smile sure to hypnotize.

Who’s that boy giving everybody sugar,
With a “hmm” and a pat, pat, pat?
That’s Mama’s boy, with the stinky diaper,
Now what do you think about that?

Who’s that boy who can feed himself,
And always wants some more?
That’s Daddy’s boy saying, “Da-da-da,”
And dropping bread balls all over the floor.

Who’s that boy with his ankles crossed,
Sucking his upside-down passie?
That’s Grandmother’s boy, with a giggle and a squeal,
Snatching off earrings and glasses.

Who’s that boy rubbing his eyes,
And nodding his sleepy head?
That’s Grandaddy’s boy snuggled asleep,
On his shoulder ready for bed.

Who’s that boy reading a book,
And singing in the microphone?
That’s Uncle Howie’s boy reading and singing,
As if he were already full-grown.

Who’s that boy with a prophet’s name,
Whose middle name is Todd?
That’s Jesus’ boy we all know,
And his name means “gift of God.”

Who’s that boy turning one year old,
Who loves to open and close the door?
Nathan is that boy, and he changed our lives,
Though he’ll always be our baby, the boy is not a baby, anymore.

—Uncle Howie
July 18, 2002

Happy 7th Birthday, Bubby!

Did you know you are my favorite nephew?

I love YOU the MOST!

Uncle Howie